Welcome to Team Savante Group - Always Further
Strategic Intelligence
We assimilate information and intelligence on a variety of themes – political, diplomatic, economic, technology and security development, to create a deep understanding of issues that are of enduring importance to our clients. This allows us to provide our clients with in-depth strategic risk assessments of trends and developments to anticipate and prepare for change related to these issues, that will affect their future strategic environment.
Intelligence-led Investigations
Using a range of lawful, necessary and proportionate techniques, we proactively and discreetly obtain intelligence and/or evidence to: close information gaps; support legal proceedings; and enable effective and timely decision-making.
Support to Litigation
We are highly experienced in working with both civil and criminal lawyers to advance their client’s objectives, and regularly advise and assist legal counsel in the formulation and execution of effective legal strategy.
Enhanced Due Diligence
We leverage our intelligence and investigations knowledge and capabilities to assess individual and/or entity suitability for employment, joint business ventures and other requirements where factors such as loyalty, reputation, conflicting allegiances and the potential for coercion are of paramount concern to our clients.
Asset Trace & Recovery
Our asset tracing capability is highly experienced in working with legal professionals, auditors, and direct to client requirements to locate, identify and assist freeze assets to assist with the recovery processes in a discreet manner. We can as part of our forensic integrated solution, trace transactions from origin through to destination in some of the most austere environments across multiple jurisdictions.